EST. 2018

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We maintain the high quality of our cannabis products by storing them within the producers specs,  in our custom built, temperature controlled vaults


At Running Leaf,  we transport all products to our retailers,  via our secure, SLGA approved vehicles


In addition to choosing from the selection of available strains,  licensed retailers also have the ability to arrange for their orders to be delivered at their convenience



Running Leaf is a commercial wholesaler that operates in the province of Saskatchewan, under the SLGA regulations. By partnering with both retailers and licensed producers,  we are able to centralize the purchasing and distribution of products throughout the province and the country, making it more convenient for everyone.


   Running Leafs’ value proposition derives from:

  • Consistent and well executed delivery service

  • Locally owned and operated warehouses for the convenience of our clients

  • On call service to meet the changing market needs of our clients

  • Competitive pricing that creates better opportunities in the market for both producers and retailers

  • State of the art facilities that provide proper conditions for maintaining the quality of cannabis


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